Sunday, December 09, 2012

Niall's birthday

I think Niall had a pretty good birthday. We still haven't done his cake yet (he hasn't figured out what kind he wants!) so we're stretching it out a bit. His party was yesterday, but instead of a party, he decided he wanted to take some friends to the movies instead. So that's what he did. Unfortunately, Eleri was still napping when it was time to go, and movies don't really lend themselves well to pictures, so I don't have any of that.
I'll go to his class tomorrow and take his treat in. I'm thinking it will be brownies. or maybe cookies. He'll make that call in the morning.
He conned me into giving him one present a day early. It was a book about the body - one of his favorite subjects. He loves reading and looking at pictures of how we work.
Other than that, he only got one present, because it was a big one. If you give just one thing to an 8 year old boy...

It should come in a box that's too big to wrap
And should get the response, "WOW! Cool! ... What is it?"
John had a green machine when he was a kid, and he assured us that it was the ultimate in cool fun riding yah awesomeness. So after lunch, he had some help putting it together.

And after that...
 Oh yeah.

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