Thursday, January 24, 2013


It's always an adventure when school calls you and tells you that your child has a head injury and you need to come right over.
Rowan was playing capture the flag in PE, and he and Peter went after the same flag at the same time. Rowan's eye met Peter's forehead in a big way.
I went on over there, not expecting anything too terrible, but it was a little unnerving to find my child with a few paramedics standing around him, suggesting we take him in to be seen.
I opted for our pediatrician instead of the ER docs and ambulance ride. Rowan was a little disappointed but then agreed with me when I told him how my way meant that he'd get to eat lunch at lunchtime.

Dr. Artman checked him over and he's fine. There's no weirdness going on with his eye, but the swelling and bruising promises to be SPECTACULAR. I believe it. His eye is already bigger than it was when I took these pictures.
We're to keep using ice for 20 mins at a time, give him ibuprofen, and call back if he starts hurling or showing other signs of bad things. I told Rowan that the next time he wants an afternoon off school, he should just SAY so.

If you'd like to watch Rowan's eye as it blooms, we now have a set on flickr just for the shiner.

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Nancy said...

Oh, poor boy! That looks really painful. Especially the 5pm photo.