Monday, August 12, 2013

First Day of School! 2013

I always think of Nemo yelling on the first day of school. Time, once again, for the quiet to descend on the house as the boys head off to another day of school. I have this last year home with Eleri, and then they'll all be school kids. I may need some holding and lots of chocolate for that. eeep!
They are both going back to their old classrooms, so the nerves and such that I always had for the first day of school don't come into play. Next year will be different, because everyone will be starting a new classroom, but this year is pretty smooth with more of the same as last year.
6th grader

3rd Grader
I told them to look cute, and this is what they gave me.
I told them to show me some blue steel, and they did this
Just look at Niall in the first one and Rowan in the second, and you have a pretty good picture.
We made sure they had what they needed, reminded them of the house rule (always be kinder than necessary!) and then they were off! They are both in the oldest grade in their classrooms this year, and they are looking forward to the bonus responsibilities and privileges that come with that. 
Have a good year, boys!

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