Monday, August 05, 2013


I was talking to Mom yesterday and she reminded me that I haven't been putting things on the blog. Oopsies!
It's been a very busy summer. I swear, Rowan has spent more time away from home than he's spent here! And we only have one more week until school starts back up again.
It's been SO RAINY that we haven't been out in the pool as much, or outside as much.

I promised pictures, though, so here are pictures of John's birthday.
John's birthday pictures
Flickr has changed their format, and I'm not a big fan of what they did. But it is what it is.

We had some entertainment this morning. Niall lost two teeth last night, but one is somewhere in the bottom of the pool. He put the one he had in the pocket with a note about the other one and hoped for the best. Our tooth fairy hasn't exactly been reliable lately. Imagine his surprise when he woke up to find this!
A teeny tiny letter!
It looks like we're going to be getting a new and more reliable fairy. Niall is excited about that. Will she bring golden dollars? Toys? Hotwheels cars?

Niall thinks it's pretty awesome.

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Jenna said...

This is brilliant. I'm totally stealing this idea. Thanks!