Friday, November 17, 2006

clearing the decks

The coop on the pin should be closing soon, so it will be time to start working on that.
yes yes. I know I've not been telling you what I've been working on. That's because I'm working on Christmas. And those people who will get something from me for Christmas are just the kind of people who would check out this blog every once in a while.
We can't have them finding things out now. No no. That wouldn't do at all.

I did finish the longies for Emily last week. They're Ocean Rock - dyed by Brad on targhee. Very nice and squishy. I can't wait to give them to her. I'm hoping she'll throw them on Wesley right away so I can enjoy the cuteness.

But other than that, it's secretive Christmassy work. I've got one done, one half done, and so many more to go.

The Christmas parade is tomorrow. I wonder if I should knit in public to start the next one. That could be festive. But that involves cooperation from the boys, and Niall isn't known for his cooperation these days. So we shall see.

Someday I'll get to those socks for me.

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