Thursday, January 04, 2007

An aside from knitting

My sister got me a Bedazzler for Christmas.
Yep. A Bedazzler.
She thought she was sooooo funny. Kept going on and on...
"you can add sparkle and excitement to any outfit quickly and easily!"
hee hee ho ho yuk yuk yuk.
She's just too funny and sarcastic for her own good.

After they all left to go home, I went in to strip her bed.
What did I find?

Her nightgown.

Being the good sister that I am, I washed it up for her so it would be fresh and clean when she gets it in the mail.

I simply assumed that since she "forgot" her nightgown
right after she gave me a Bedazzler
that she must be hinting that she'd like me to do something with it.

So this evening... I added sparkle and excitement to her nightgown.

I mean really, how could you look at these paw prints

and not see that those paws needed some accents?

I mean really. They were begging for it.

I'm mailing it tomorrow. I can't wait for her to get it.

Later that same evening

I wrote her a letter to go with it. I thought you all might enjoy it too.
This is NOT my normal handwriting, but it is my normal handwriting from when I was about 10 years old.
Ya ya ya. You wrote like that too. Everyone did. Admit it.


K said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA!That's better than the three remote weather stations I got IN ONE YEAR! People, it's called! Or opening the door! I guess something about me screams "must know random weather statistics at all times in all rooms of the house". Although I guess that's a bit better than apparently screaming "needs sparkle on every item of clothing possible". So really, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Freckle432 said...

haha, this is too funny!