Thursday, January 25, 2007


I've had a sinus infection people. No I'm not dead. Yes I'm still knitting. It's just slower. and sneezier. I'm on round two of abx and already feel ten times better. Thanks so much.

I've had a few people write asking about what my sister did when she got her nightgown.
She called me cackling laughing, and screaming "I've been bedazzled!" And then she laughed some more. She said that the letter was the kicker - and the handwriting on the letter was what did it. She said that she read it over and over, just laughing with tears pouring down her face. I've seen her in this condition and I laugh to think about it. She just convulses with laughter, holding her stomach and saying "oh oh" between outbursts.
So the bedazzling was a total and complete success.

I have been knitting. There's a rainbow ruffled pair of longies, and a small pink chocolate pair as well. But blogger is being fiesty and won't let me upload them. They are in the flickr gallery if you want to see.

I'm currently still at work on an XXL pink chocolate pair. I had intended to be done by now. But it's another example of extreme knitting. I had 66 rows before the cuff on one leg, and I'm at 61 for the other with maybe another row of yarn left... so I will finish out this leg, and then go back to the first and take it down so the cuffs are the same size.
It's times like this that I think to myself... I really need to learn how to magic loop and do both legs at once. But then I don't want to mess with my mojo either.
After that is Toni's black longies, and then the coop will be done. Yay!
I already have another 2 lined up and a cupcake hat. And Loki's dog sweater, Robert's mittens, Mom's throw, and my hat and mittens.

What am I doing on the computer?

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