Tuesday, February 06, 2007

just keep knitting, just keep knitting

I've been finishing things. Lots of things. Things and things and things.
First the xxl longies were done, and then I finished Robert's mittens.
He's wanted mittens with R's on them for forever. He said that every time he finds someone who can knit, he asks for them.
Robert, your wish is my command. In fact they should be on your hands right now, keeping the steering wheel from freezing your little fingers.

I also finished Toni's black pants. Little cute black pants that look like they should be part of a baby tuxedo. Really, I hope she sends a picture of them on the baby, because they're sweet.
I have a picture, but she wanted to be surprised. I'll put the picture in the album at a later date. When I remember to get it off my camera.

And that, my friends, is the end of the diaperpin coop order. Yesssssssss!

I'm in talks with Kelly over what we're doing with what yarn, and Maryann's britches are to the gusset shaping. I also have a sweet surprise on the needles and you can't make me tell.
Cupcake hat is waiting on the baby to arrive so we know yellow or pink. and I believe that's the waiting list.

I want a hat. I want this hat. I have some very wonderful yarn for it. And the sock yarn that was my birthday present is patiently waiting. And I can't find my Knitter's Bible for the cable chart to finish mom's throw. And Niall's coffee with cream britches are to the legs.

Did I get everything?


Megan said...

I love the mittens! And that hat pattern is gorgeous- you know I saved it :)

Grumpy said...

That hat is very nice... I made one for my niece with leftovers! It works up quicker than you would think! :)