Tuesday, December 09, 2008

the lunch of the beast


One cheeseburger happy meal with chocolate milk and fries.
One chicken nugget happy meal with chocolate milk and fries.



Also: it's love when you get happy meals for your little guy on his birthday and drive home with the smell of McD's fries all over the car, when you can't have any, because McD's has a dairy additive in their fries. Seriously. Fries. I'm stockpiling karma.


Sarah said...

Ha! And we always knew McD's was evil.. now you've got proof!

But yeah, that seriously sucks.. adding dairy.. to fries? Wha?

Grumpy said...

I know they got slapped with a lawsuit a while ago for adding beef additive to the fries... that's around when I stopped going there, their fries stopped tasting good!

(hugs) Hope the birthday boy had a wonderful birthday - even if mommy couldn't have the fries!