Saturday, January 10, 2009

Opening back up

I think the babymoon is over. I managed a pair of britches for Eleri in an okay amount of time, so I'm pretty confident that I can knit for other people again. I'll be contacting the remaining two people on my list and seeing if they still want woolies.
After that, well... there's that whole CPSC lead thing... Wool as a natural fiber should be exempt, but someone said that that only applies to undyed yarn. I don't know. I'm far from expert in that kind of thing. Do I think the feds would come after me? One little knitter in a sea of millions? No not really. But who needs that lurking over her head?
So with that, I'm going to be changing prices a little bit and will go totally YYMN. That's Your Yarn My Needles for those of you who aren't up on the lingo. That will also light a fire under my knitting behind, because I'll really have to use my time wisely if I have something that belongs to someone else. So... with that.
I'm Open!

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