Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Day!

It isn't often in NC that you wake up to outside looking like this.
snowjan09.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers
What this means is that the kids will be up and trying to sneak outside before 7am. So what you do is you scramble trying to find clothing that will keep them warm when you live in a climate that doesn't usually require more than what people further north would consider a jacket.
So you bundle up the baby.
snow09eleri.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers
Who is pretty much clueless but is happy and excited because something is going on! And you make the kids wear their footie jammies under their clothes because you don't have any long underwear and go outside.
snow09niall.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers
I think Niall made that face last time we had a big snow. But he'd still be out there if I hadn't dragged him inside.
snow09rowan.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers
Rowan enjoyed it, but got cold quickly. Lightweight. We need to just get a bunch of waterproof mittens to have for this rare occasion. His hands were the problem. But he had a blast while he was out there.
snowgang.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers
And it's still coming down out there. I expect we'll be out in it again after lunch. One of these days I'll get my hands on those blue plastic sleds that roll up. I always want them on the rare snow event, and never remember them between times. But they'd be super easy to store, so I need to get them.

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Drea said...

I bet they had a ton of fun!!
Crazy Carpets are AWESOME!!!! that's what we have too. I think they were $2 each and we store them behind the bench at the front door.
Great pictures!!!