Friday, January 23, 2009


I started this way back during the middle of my pregnancy with Eleri and got all the way to the second sleeve before Niall got ahold of my clicker and went merrily clicking through the house - so I didn't know where I was in the decrease pattern anymore. Pregnancy apathy set in, and it went to live in that space between the couch and the bookshelf.
I finally got it back out for some reason or other, and then when Michelle was here for a short visit I showed it to her, so then I had to get it done.

Pattern: Knitting Pure and Simple Baby Cardigan
Yarn: Carmen 100% Cotton from Goddess Yarns
This is yarn that Kim bought, and then gave to me when she decided to stop knitting. She's crazy.

The Pixie approves.


Grumpy said...

Beautiful... I'm glad you finished it!

Fannie said...

LOVE the purple sweater. Well done, Milli! The baby in it is pretty cool too.