Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pixie update

Well, she gained 2oz since the last time we were there, and I thought that was pretty good since she only gained 2oz from 12-15 months, but apparently that's not good enough.
Since she's been okay with the yogurt and cheese in her diet (a little eczema, but not bad) the doc wants us to give her a can of pediasure every day. I also have to make an appointment with a nutritionist for dietary ideas and with an ENT for a swallowing evaluation to make sure there isn't some physical problem with her taking solid food.
The bloodwork came back good. No celiac or any other disorders. She is anemic and he has ordered iron drops for that, but the stuff he ordered wasn't covered by our insurance so I called them back and am waiting to hear if he'll call in something else. $75 a month is too much for something that should be covered!
Other than that, she has an ear infection. I hesitated bringing her in today because she obviously wasn't feeling well, but now I'm glad I did since we caught that early.
I'm just getting sick and tired of all the appointments. It reminds me of when Rowan was a baby and we were here there and everywhere with him - but at least there was a reason for it. Here it just feels like we have to jump through their hoops to prove there's nothing wrong with her and she'll grow in her own good time.

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Amy said...

Hi, Milli! I just finished catching up on reading your blogs. I agree that you're jumping through hoops to please the docs, but pretty much every mom in the world can understand that one. Before having tubes put in her ears, I resorted to buying a (can't remember the actual term for the thing at the moment, so we'll just call it the "look into ears with a lighted cone-shaped thingy"), so I would know whether or not to take her to the dr. After 4 rounds of antibiotics, I really put up a fuss, and was asked, well what would you recommend? Thanks a lot, doc - that was not our regular ped, but one of her partners. Kate's dr. said that she agreed, four inner infections in under 6 months was a bit much, and explained tubes and offered an appointment with an ENT, who confirmed that was definitely what she needed. Fear, panic, surgery complete, and now at 7, they've fallen out on their own and all is well. We found one of them on her pillow - she thought it was the coolest thing ever - who knows where the other one is? Point being, as I said earlier, I'm a firm believer that mom is the foremost expert on her children. Particularly with complicated issues like a cleft palate, of course you have to rely on experts and professionals, but if the blood work came back fine on the Pixie, I'd just continue jumping through the hoops (at least to the extent that it's absolutely necessary), and just keep doing what all good moms do - love, observe, and act when necessary. Sorry she's not feeling well, but glad that all seems to be moving along with Rowan. Kate peeked over my shoulder and asked about the pics, so I told her about his palate and explained as best I could. I also found the pic I took of the two of them at Fran's house when they were tiny munchkins - it's hard to believe they've grown sooo much!!!! She said she likes jello and pudding, but it would stink to have to eat it all the time. I agreed and she suggested we say a prayer for him tonight - awwww! You guys are all in my prayers on a daily basis - don't know how you make it, but sure am glad that you do!