Monday, November 14, 2005

Questions people ask

What kinds of yarn do you knit with?
The easiest yarns for me to get my hands on are Cascade 220, Patton's Merino, and Lion Wool, but I'll knit with anything. I usually have a stash of purewool on hand.

What if I want yarn that you don't have on hand?
Not a problem! Should I be ashamed to admit that the ladies at my local yarn shop know me by name?
If you want a color that I don't have, I can either buy it or dye it. Just write me and ask!

Will you knit with my yarn?
Sure! Send it on! Just take about $8 off the base price for your size for longies, or $5 off for shorts and soakers.

Will you use acrylic?
Not a problem. But I refuse to use Red Heart Super Saver. It feels like plastic. :P

Do you smoke or have pets?
No smoking here! Well... unless you count the occasional burned toast, but that's in the kitchen. If you can figure out the gremlin in my toaster, be my guest. :) Seriously, we don't smoke but we do have a dog. She doesn't knit but she does spend a lot of time hanging out with my feet while I knit. I do wash everything before I send it out, but if you have severe allergies you might need to consider this. Those little hairs are my nemesis.

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