Sunday, November 13, 2005

Sunday morning

I love Sunday mornings. I didn't work on Niall's pants yesterday because we had a birthday party and then church, but I intend to devote my afternoon to them. I also have 4 sweaters in the washer to make in to pants for him. One of them is a deep rose -- a popular color with men this season, but how can I make them boyish enough pants? He already gets called a pretty little girl when I dress him in anything but blatent boy colors. Embroidery suggestions are welcomed!
Then a walk through the leaves after the boys wake from their afternoon naps. There's something about knitting when the weather starts to turn colder... It might actually start feeling like fall around here if it gets lower than 70 degrees.
Becky's pants are all ready to go. I will miss them. They were so cheerful on my drying table, but they belong on a baby so off they go!

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