Friday, April 13, 2007

I know it's Friday the 13th because

my brilliant dh waited until 10pm last night to tell me that we're out of coffee.

coffee is his job. I buy it, but he has to tell me when we're low. Not out, but lwo. so we dont' run out.

he waited until we're out. until 10pm of being out.

I did'nt really believe him. he wouldn't do that. he'd find a way. like getting starbucks and leaving it on the counter for me.



no cofeee.

i needs coffee.

now I know. it's Friday the 13. no coffee.

maybe I will load the kdis int he stroller and go get coffe. cause this sure isn't working.

foul words. foul words.



oh get this.

I load up my kids in the stroller, their hair sticking up every which way. dont' care. need coffee.
Got my wallet. got my sunglasses. Starbucks is 2 blocks to the right, 3 blocks to the left. yep. Close the door.

no keys.

Locked out.

I'll deal with that later. i need coffee.

Walk to Starbucks. Yay for the crossing signals that chirp and beep to catch my attention.

Get to Starbucks. I never go here. it's right next to the grocery store but the only time I get it is if John gets it for a treat. So I don't know what to order. I'm squinting at the board to see what to get. Light Mocha looks good. That must be a mocha-y coffee with out the fatty stuff, right? I order it.

It's some icey coffee thing. Noooo.

I try a sip. No. It's not going to do it.

I go back around to the order side to try and see what I did wrong? Where did I go wrong? Oh... I ordered off the frappacino menu.

The order girl asks if everything is ok. I tell her what I did. Bless her, she takes the coffee back and says, oh did you want a [she rattles off some name that I can't understand, but it contains "mocha" and "skim milk"] and smiles.

Ummm ok. Bless her. It's hot the way coffee is supposed to be. I put a little sugar in. Taste it. yay.

putting the lid back on, I notice I spilled some on my shirt. Durn cups. Oh well.

Go into the grocery store to buy coffee. Buy 2, just in case.

I realize at the register, that I don't have my keys so I don't have my little VIC card for the discount stuff. No matter. The register guy is nice and takes my phone number so he can apply the discount anyway.

Walk home, trying to answer questions from Rowan like "Why do some people live on hills?"

Get home, go around back to try and find the hidden key [I know I know. But we hide one anyway for times like this] when Rowan asks if the back door is locked too. I try it. Bless my coffee deprived self... I forgot to lock the back door.

Things are looking up.


Yoda said...

I'm going to be hearing about this for at least two weeks. Me bad.


K said...

Oh wait, does it add to your bad Friday the 13th to have friends laughing at you?
It's really because I'm jealous. I want a Starbucks within a 20 minute drive, never mind a five block walk.

Megan said...

Oh no! I'm the same way with Diet Coke :)