Wednesday, January 30, 2008

If Elle can do it...

Last night was a big night for me. I left the house.
*cue shocking dramatic music*
I went to the S&B meeting at the Starbucks. At NIGHT. By myself.
I had to psych myself up to do it. While I enjoy meeting new people and having friends, I've very content to rely on the buddy system. I like to have a winggirl with me, just to keep the monsters away. But I have no knitterly friends who could come, so I had to go alone.
I was watching Legally Blonde (John bought it for me on DVD, because now that we don't have TBS anymore I never got to see it) and if Elle Woods can pack up and drive all the way across the country for Warren - even though he was a dipstick - I could pack my little knitting back and drive 20 little minutes down Hwy 55 to meet some people. Right?
And even though I didn't know quite where it was, I went.
And I got lost. Of course. I ALWAYS get lost.
WHO puts a Starbucks inside a Kroger less than a block from the other Starbucks? The Starbucks that you can't see from the intersection because of the monster Rite Aid that's in the way?
So not only did I suck up the courage to GO to this meeting, I even asked the guy in Kroger if there was another Starbucks around.
Determination, my friends. I had it in spades last night.

And I met nice people! Jackie, Jackie, and Beth were there. I will have to ask them if when I mention them on my blog, if I can link their blogs. I'm not sure of the etiquette there.
But they were nice. We admired each others' knitting. And I stayed until the end and got to hear the hilarious story of how Jackie found a 'possum in the tool drawer, set it free, and found another one later.

I'm going to go back next week.

I would post pictures of the project I took with me and worked on, but I can't. It's one of those secret things. I'll tell you about it later.


Grumpy said...

YAY! Applause! :) You went, and you're going back! Was thinking about ya! :)

jackie said...

i'm glad you came out! it was great meeting you. i'm SURE i can come up with more amusing stories of possums in the house for ya, too. :)

blog linking is always welcome.

Life Unexpected said...

ah Milli! You are wonderful. I love how you share your life with everyone. So glad you had fun.