Saturday, May 16, 2009

Party Recap

In John's words - the birthday party. Pictures to come. I have to get them off the camera and process them for posting, and I'm a bit tired at the moment.

We had a whirlwind cleanup and preparation on the living room, kitchen,
bathroom, and back yard. The shed is moved now, but there is a rough
patch of dirt, leaves, random varmint holes and vines where it used to
be, which was a potential hazard. Milli painted dog faces on the kids.
We set up an impromptu obstacle course (like the show dogs do) with
tubes they had to crawl through and cones they had to weave through...
but mostly, they ran around going nuts on each other and playing in
the sandbox and swinging. The new swingset is so very worth it. Niall
will spend hours out there by himself in that sandbox. We made
"pupcakes" which are pink cupcakes with white frosting. We had the
kids put the dog faces on them using:

Chocolate Chips - eyes
Large marshmallows cut diagonally - nose
Strawberry Starburst, rolled out flat and cut to shape - tongue (with
the line added using a toothpick)
Tootsie Roll, rolled flat and cut to shape -- ears
Black frosting - spot on the end of the marshmallow for the nose.

I'm not sure how much they got out of it, but they did build them and
promptly destroyed them with their gaping maws. We had chips,
Cheetoh's, juice boxes, some candy from goody bags, and some Pop-Ice
popsicles. There were about 5 kids from his school that came. Two of
the mothers stayed, and a couple of others were present for the last
30 minutes of it. Some of our friends came with their kids, including
two other mothers. And some of the neighborhood kids were there as
well. So about 15+ kids, one toddler, and one baby. And Loki, who was
quite entertained and entertaining. She is now sacked out on the
couch. Rowan got a few flying plane things, some Lego kits and a large
watergun. He had a grand time being the center of attention. Niall
snuck off and consumed all of the unused "tongues" and most of the
remaining "ears." He likely ate some eyes and noses as well, I'm not

After the party was over, we set them loose in the culdesac where they
had some sprinkler time with the neighbors. We grilled hamburgers for
dinner. I'm exhausted and I smell like sweat, artificial fruit
flavoring and charred meat. The boys are over at the neighbor's house
watching a movie or playing a video game or whatever. I don't care.
It's time for them to go to bed. I still don't care.


Grumpy said...

sounds like a wild day!

Drea said...

lol sounds like a great party!!
Can't wait for the pictures.