Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yard Art

After that downer of a knitting post, it's time for a pick me up. In fact, it's the perfect time to tell you about the yard art place.
I've been wanting some sort of random animal to stick in the yard for a long time now. It all comes from when we were in school and John and I would be driving back to Columbia after a weekend of visiting the upstate. Right after we got past malfunction junction, there was a house that was right off the interstate. Their back yard faced the road. And on the roof of their shed, facing the road, was a big concrete pig. It was always painted some new, bright colors -- flourescent orange, striped, polka dotted... It made me happy. I called it Neon Pig.
I've wanted my own version of Neon Pig since then.
So anyway, this year for Mother's Day, we decided that it was time to go look for our animal at the yard art place that's next to the state farmer's market. And boy howdy, did they have everything.
I knew they would have a bunch of cool stuff, because right outside the front gates are these huge giraffes.

biggiraffe.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers

They're huge. Seriously somewhere around 10 feet tall. I would love to have one. Spring said to imagine how easy it would be to give directions to my place? "Turn left at the giant giraffe." But he was way out of my league, and anyway the guy who does the casting said he's not ready to say goodbye anyway. :)
I'd thought about having a hippo before we went, and sure enough they had them.
hippos.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers
But the big ones looked mean with their mouths all open like that, and the smaller ones just looked strange. Like hippos on X, or whatever drug it is that would make a person all crazy-eyed. Sorry, I'm not all up on what drugs do what.
We saw Elvis.
elvis.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers
And a Yoda or two.
yodas.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers
And a Barney that didn't look so "I love you"-ey as the regular Barney does...
barney.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers
And of course, the mailbox homie that I talked about earlier. I still think we need to go back and get him. Maybe someday...
But anyway, we had a great time on a hot, hot day, and came home with a new friend for the yard.

giraffe.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers
There are possibilities with knitting, and painting. He has yet to be named, and I need to figure out where to put him, but isn't he cool? I have a giraffe for my yard!

*******ADDED DECEMBER 12, 2010*******

I've had a number of people email me about this place, especially about the Yodas. So I looked up an article about it to pass on.

It says they don't ship, though. So if you're not within driving distance to Raleigh you may be out of luck.


Spring said...

Those open mouthed hippos... I'd have the kids put their heads in it like a lion tamer.

And take pictures.

I love your giraffe! Everyone needs yard art. I'm still gunning for a flamingo. The Floridian in me cries out for one.

Tara said...

I love the giraffe! And I have to tell you, I have an Elvis bust in my office that looks just like the one you took a picture of. They must have used the same mold or something. Mine is painted, though. But he's got the same star and dot design. Crazy.

Grumpy said...

Those giraffe's are awesome... but the one you chose is the best! Very cute... I could put one in the baby's room... we're all about giraffe's for the baby! LOL!

DH wants a bench with a little girl... (H if you get my meaning!) for in the yard, but we didn't find one we liked much...

I agree we need some yard art!

Rachel said...

why did we not go visit this place when i was there?

Anonymous said...

Oh, I can't wait until you start knitting for him. And I think he would look nice with some red, white and blue paint and stars on his spots for 4th of July. So fun!