Monday, October 20, 2008

37 weeks visit and pictures

Dear baby, Any time now.

37 weeks visit was this morning.
My BP was slighty up. 130something over 80something. Don't remember exactly.
No protiens or anything bad like that though, so no worries.
They put me on the monitor. The pixie looks good. And lo... there were contractions on the monitor.
Only 2, because they came 10 minutes apart and I was on there for about 20 mins total, but they were there.
I even felt one of them. Very mild but it made my face heat up.
It's very gratifying to see that little bump on the paper. Let's hope they are
doing something, and will come more frequently and get this party started.
Fluid levels are good, measurements good, see you next week.
Next visit is scheduled for Oct 27. I'd love to have the baby that day instead.
That was Dad's birthday.

anyway, here are pictures! As I said, it's overall time here now.
Nothing else fits!


Karen mom to Aaron said...

Way to go bump. Keep the bumping going on. Chad says hi. Woooohooo it won't be long now and we can meet the little angel we have been waiting for.

jackie said...

that is one LOW baby in there. your poor pubic bone!!! can't wait to see her on the outside. :)

jmb said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I know you haven't posted on the newest Davis yet, but I wanted to pass along a WOO HOOOO!! You are Mama Supreme.