Friday, October 10, 2008

Taking time now

I've finished Sarah's britches in green (picture to come) and they'll go out tomorrow.
Other than that, it's time to take some time. I'll be knitting for my own baby for a bit now, and working furiously on some extra knitting for a special fundraiser.

Many of you know that Colleen of Spiffy Knits has been fighting the good fight with cancer. I do not want to capitalize that word, even though we all say it like that. I don't want to give it that much due. The updates are not good, and I regret that I never got any of her yarn to work with. I always thought there'd be time. She has been one of our own on Soggy Granola, and when you hang out on a small forum with someone like that, and share pictures of your children... you think that they'll always be there.
I will be posting a link to the fundraiser closer to the date. There will be some beautiful items up for bidding, raffles, buy it nows... All proceeds will go to her family for medical bills, things for the kids, and whatever they need.
It breaks my heart that she won't be able to watch her kids grow up.
It hurts even more that their memories of her will be cut so short.

Check back for the link. And peace be with you.

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