Thursday, October 16, 2008

Still here

Really, I wouldn't be stalking me yet. I'm pretty sure I have at least another week and a half left here. The house is coming together. The laundry has been conquered (as much as it can be. There is always more lurking). I have a few more things to knit and do, but mostly it's about trying to slog this body through the day.
I am incredibly, incredibly tired. I'm also prone to hormonal crying at least once a day. It happens.
The baby linens are washed. The crib is still in pieces - but we'll set that up when baby is here. She can sleep in the baby hammock which is all set up, washed, and waiting.
The carseat is washed and in the van. Not installed, but it's in there.
Diapers are washed, stacked and waiting. Clothes washed and put in drawers.

Things left to do:
- install carseat
- turn playroom into guest room for Mom and Fran for when they're here.
- make Halloween costumes for the boys
- pack bag for hospital
- knit
- try and sleep for longer than 2 hours at a time (not gonna happen but I can hope)
- try to bring some sort of order to our bedroom and the corner of despair (that corner by the treadmill where we put pictures, random boxes, and things we just don't want to deal with right now)

I laugh at whoever says "enjoy these last few weeks." So easy to say. I'm looking foward to lying on my stomach again.


Karen mom to Aaron said...

glad to hear things are coming along.... thanks for keeping us posted. I will sleep on my tummy for you tonight

Kelly said...

Anxious to hear of the arrival. MY SIL was 39 weeks tuesday and she is beyond done. So she feels your pain and I remember it. I love my tummy sleeping. Can't wait to meet the little Princess!

Jess said...

There really isn't much to enjoy the last couple of weeks. Weep as you want to, and sit as you want to. She'll come soon. Can't wait! (Although I'm sure you REALLY can't wait!)

Fannie said...

Yep, the last few weeks are the ultimate in delayed gratification! Time moves along SO slowly, yet it does pass and soon there will be another female in your house, at last! She is going to be awesome!