Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fr. Alex

I love our priest.
He's from Columbia so he can't vote, but he has been watching the election
with a very serious eye. He said that he will not advise us on who to vote for,
because that's not his job. (love him) But that since he's been asked the same
question over and over by the students (it's the University parish) he wanted
to tell us his thoughts.
He also warned us to keep in mind that he is from a country where politics
and religion are so tied together that it's impossible to separate them.
He fears any kind of tie of religion and politics, because what he grew up
with and what he knows is so corrupted.

It warmed my heart so much, that I wanted to share this with y'all: (paraphrased)

We can't define pro life in just one area. We have to look at life as a whole.
Pro life is not just abortion. You can't call that one thing pro life.
You have to take care of ALL life.
Do you take care of the poor? the homeless? the criminals? the elderly?
the war? the immigrants?
Life isn't just about the unborn. It's about all of us, and how we care for each
other, and how we take care of the world that we will leave to our children.

Not bad for a guy who still struggles with English.

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Rachel said...

your priest is not all together right- sorry. if you have no life to begin with then all the other human rights are null and void. respect life from the beginning.
what other issues are of concern to you, just out of curiousity, that you think will be better with an all democratic government. write me an email. love you!