Tuesday, April 28, 2009

6 month well check

Our Pixie baby is a dinky girl! 24.25 inches - 10th percentile
14lbs 11.5oz - 25th percentile.


No shots today. She was due for some, but I refused until the snotty goes away. No sense in making things worse when it's not really time sensitive. A nurse shot visit in a week or two will be fine.

After her ped visit, I decided to head over to the mall and check out the sale at Gymboree. I have to admit, I'm a Gymbo failure. Even with the sale prices, I can't bring myself to buy. The stuff is cute, great quality, well made... but I grew up shopping at the Ramblin' Rose.
Ahh the Ramblin' Rose. It smelled like attic - kind of dank, kind of musty. It was Mom's favorite store in the universe. I hated going. It felt like we were there for hours, but it probably wasn't really that long at all. Over the years it got better. I discovered that I could get some good books there. We moved away before I was really old enough to appreciate all that was possible at the old RR, which is too bad. Mom still hasn't lost the thrift store bug, though, and I love to go with her whenever possible.
All this to say, I'm a thrift store mama. And maybe next summer those cute shirts that I saw at Gymbo today will show up at the Children's Orchard or the Guardian Angel.


Grumpy said...

ha we shopped at Bargain Harolds and Biway! - my niece had the most gorgeous outfits when she was a baby... stuff I'd love to try and duplicate today!

In the mean time - I avoid Gymboree, ON and other big stores ...if it ain't $5 at Target... I don't need it... love having all one sex for the hand-me downs! :) So you aren't alone

citystreets said...

I bet she is in the 99th percentile for HAIR and AWESOMENESS. :) Ali

Britta said...

OMG she has the longest hair EVER. Tink's hair is still "mullety".

- B