Tuesday, April 21, 2009


niallfella.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers
His wife will thank me some day.
Really, when you get down to it, cleaning the toilet is the perfect job for Niall. I put in the cleaner and do the preliminary swish, and then he gets to stand there and swirl and swirl until there is a bunch of suds. It's superfun!
The hall bath is the boys' bathroom, and I don't know what they do in there but standard cleaning is not enough. Standard cleaning still leaves that oh so lovely urine reek. John tells me that his mom resorted to mounting plexiglass on the wall next to the toilet when he was a boy, because they were ruining the wallpaper - so they must come by it honestly.
But ya. Bathroom cleaning from now on is going to mean that Niall puts on his bathing suit and we go in with a bucket of Dr. Bonner's and hose the place down. 'Cause the standard job just isn't going to do it.


Jaclyn Bailey said...

My brother always had to clean the bathroom (except the mirrors!) for this same reason!

Fannie said...

Oh, I had forgotten that plexiglass on the wall by the toilet! Thanks for reminding me. Like an idiot, I had installed a Williamsburg wallpaper in there when the boys were little. I finally had to peel it off and throw it away. :( I should have just painted that wall yellow.

Grumpy said...

This is brilliant. I love it!

Drea said...

I make Jamie clean the toilets. I wonder if it's a job he'll pass on to Ethan???