Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Family Hair Update

Because you know the state of our hair concerns you. ;)
I got my hair cut today. It was long overdue. The last time I had it cut was before I got pregnant with Eleri. I went to the hair place that my neighbor, Heather, recommended.

I think she did a good job!
Rowan's mohawk is back in action.

Niall once again has a "fuzzy head."

And you have to get Eleri's hair wet to see how long it really is.

John and Loki's hair remain unchanged.


Sarah said...

Everyone looks fantastic. I fully expected to open this post to see a picture of John with "fuzzy hair" but I should have known better! I'm trying to remember the last time I saw him with short hair...

Fannie said...

Summer haircuts, I see. I like them all. I can't believe how long Eleri's is...longer than yours now. I love yours. ONe of these days John will have short hair again....I guess?

Milli said...


Heather said...

Everyone looks great. And I am amazed at Eleri's hair. Unbelievable. My 28 month old has less hair than your baby. LOL. Can Eleri send her some hair growing vibes?

Grumpy said...

You realize that S' hair is as long as Eleri's and S has a good 2 and 3/4 years on her!

Love your do! And Rowans and Niall's.

And Luke is he same with his hair... his mum keeps nagging him and he keeps letting it grow! :)

Tara said...

As long as John's hair remains untouched I am okay. I like your new 'do, though!

Drea said...

Everyone looks great!
Like everyone else, I can't get over how long Eleri's hair is.