Monday, April 13, 2009

True to form

I wrote this for the blog on April 6, 2006:

With streaming eyes
And wads of kleenex in my nose to stop the drips
I stand guard on my front porch
Perched in my chair
Sipping tea and knitting
Wiping the accumulated goo from my eyelashes
I smile at the chirps and twitters
As I look at the flowers and the yellow dust that coats the world
I feel the sun on my skin and the breeze on my face
Knocked slightly demented by antihistimine
I am determined to enjoy this season
Even if it kills me.

It would be true today, except I don't have a front porch anymore and I can't take the antihistimane that knocks me silly because of the whole nursing the baby thing. I think I was nursing Niall at that point, but he was older and didn't sleep in my bed. Oh well.

Today I am snot-tay. Pixie wants to sleep, and probably would if I could go without sneezing long enough. As it is she's meowing in her saucer and blowing raspberries. That's her new thing. Her shirt is always soaked. I'm going to have to find the bibs.

It's Monday! Laundry day! Compounded by getting out the summer clothes! And diapers! And and and! But I'm making chili for dinner and I'm thinking cookies are in order too. It's overcast and dreary. We should have cookies.

I did take egg dyeing pictures. I have to get them off the camera. There are no Easter clothes pictures because I'm planning on taking the kids to portrait innovations for that. I think I'll go make that appointment right now.

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Tara said...

I am sorry for all the snot. Cookies will make you feel better.