Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm trying to figure out what to tell you

Because I really don't know.
I have pics. They're on the camera. The cord is around here somewhere, but I'm not sure where.
I've been a little tired lately, because Eleri has been doing the fighting sleep thing, so it's been a long time between sanity breaks.
See, part of the problem is that creeping thing she's learned how to do. The video was really cute, wasn't it? She worked so hard to get across the floor to get that shoelace.
Now picture it as she's coming after YOU, so she can pull on your shirt to nurse, again. And she's moaning while she does it. And maybe one of her arms has gotten caught inside her sleeve so she's lurching along, one armed, moaning, and planning to eat you.
She's also figured out how to get up that little lip of wood that separates her crib from my bed. So last night when she woke up wanting to nurse (before we came to bed. She is in our bed when we're there. The crib isn't used for much) she managed to climb out of the crib onto my mattress and was dragging her way across there and I was trying to pee before she could get to the edge and hurl herself to the floor like a giant, moaning lemming.
Because she has no sense of the edge. I tested this by hanging out on the bed with her while she slithered around. When she got near the edge, I held on to her ankle. She paused, and I was all proud of my smart baby, but then she went right over. I'm glad I wasn't so sure of her smartness as to let go of her.
So it's been a little nerve wracking around here. I'm hoping that tonight she decides to sleep a little more and moan a little less.

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Grumpy said...

You're funny - but i so know what you mean... that was S... minus the moaning - knew about the edge but wasn't afraid of it - if you get my meaning.