Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The NINO dress

I wanted to get this done in time for her offical nine months day yesterday, but I forgot how freakishly long it takes to make one of those cords. So here it is today!

The yarn is bambewe from Zenstring, though word on the street is that if you're in one of her clubs or order a custom it takes a loooooong time to get it. This was in stock though, and I got it while I was still pregnant. I just didn't know what to do with it until this dress.

The pattern is the SugarBubbie Halter. It's the same pattern that I used to make the dress for Sarah's baby. But this time I used the Bambewe yarn (merino and bamboo blend. So soft! So drapey!) instead of acrylic. I don't mind using yarn that has to be hand washed for my own stuff, but I won't give it as a gift unless you ask for it.

I think it came out super cute. Perfect for a hot summer day.


Fannie said...

I love that dress! It is just perfect and couldn't be improved on. Of course, the model makes the dress, doesn't it? : )

Drea said...

OMG it's beautiful.
I remember you making a cord for something else. That looks very long too.
Anyway super cute!

~Heidi~ said...

uh yeah...I'd say that's pretty freaking cute. The dress AND the baby! ~Heidi

Rachel said...

that is the cutest dress evah!!!!!!!!!!