Saturday, July 25, 2009

The internet is a magical thing

Someone sent me a forward recently, about how being a 30something curmudgeon complaining how kids these days have it so easy. How if you wanted to know something, you had to go to the library and look up a book in a card catalogue and then go find it. Remember that? Subject card, author card, title card!
It was a funny forward. At least my kids know what Pac Man is, because I cling to old school video games.
It made me think, though, about how I look up song lyrics all the time. And how when I was in high school we'd argue about what someone really said, and there was no way to know unless you had the copy of the lyrics that came with the tape - and sometimes they didn't even have the lyrics in them.
In particular was a song by the Cure. None of us had the lyrics. We all swore he said, "Two white chicks!" It was funny. I could randomly walk by Rachel (or Sarah before she graduated) and say, "two white chicks!" and they'd know just what I was saying and laugh. Fun times.
Today while I was lying down with Eleri, trying to get her to go to sleep, I remembered that song. So, I looked it up.
A few hours after this and we're apart again
Like two white checks
Like opposite poles
In a secret game
(Like nothing like these I suppose... )
I like our lyrics better. Two white chicks!

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Rachel said...

i feel ya- i have had this conversation with other ppl too. i don't think half our fun experiences would have occurred had the internet, cell phones, digital cameras, etc been around.
and totally- two white chicks sounds soooo much better!

Tara said...

Maybe if I had grown up with the internet I wouldn't have thought the lyrics were "werewolves and thunder"