Saturday, July 04, 2009

It is time

I keep track of my weight in 5lb brackets. It's never the same two days in a row, but fluctuates between the 5 and 0, and I'm not telling you which 5 and which 0.
Really, the number isn't as important so much as how I feel. Well, the number has been a little important up to now. I've been waiting for it to get low enough so I won't destroy my knees if I start running. Bad knees run in my family, and mine make interesting noises and do creeky things.

Mom hates me running, but nothing helps me get in shape better. And I would rather run for half an hour and eat what I want than walk for forever and have to count calories. Counting calories does not work for me.

So, since I had a baby at the end of October and our town has a 5K at the end of October, I thought that would be a good fitness goal for me. I think that a year after having a baby, I should be able to at least complete a 5K. Not win. I'm not stupid. But I should be able to do it without major issues.

Enter the Couch to 5K program. I've done it before. It's what had me running before I had Eleri, and what had me wearing jeans that I bought while I was a college student. I still have the jeans! I want to wear them again. Not only that, I want to feel better and be fit. I saw my friend Julianne at BJs Wholesale last weekend. She'd just finished her first triathelon. Not only did she look strong and happy, she looked fantastic in her jeans. I want to be there, and I'm finally down enough poundage to start. Woo!

No, I'm not looking to do a triathelon. I can't swim for diddly. I just want to look good in my jeans.

So I've printed out the schedule. I can't promise that I won't be doing some of the weeks more than once as I get this post-baby body back into shape, but I can promise that I will be doing them. I'm even taking a before picture. Maybe some day I'll post it, along with my after picture, or maybe it will just be for me. Time will tell.


Drea said...

that workout seems totally doable!
I saved it. Now lets see if I get any further.

Fannie said...

It looks tough with your houseful of responsibilities, but sometimes YOU need to come first in order to take care of everyone else. You go!!

Grumpy said...

Wow, this sounds like something I need to do too! As Drea said... "doable!" So I may join you soon!

Julianne Walther said...

As the fantastic-jeans-Julianne, I have to say that I was NOT there when my youngest was still a baby. It definitely helps when they are all in school/preschool so you CAN run in peace, and know that nothing is likely to interrupt you. Just run when you can, and rest when you can too! :). The jeans will wait for you.

sdcarroway said...

College jeans! Yeah!

I did a program similar to that when I ran the Nashville 1/2 - it's called the Galloway program (named after the guy who started it, Jeff Galloway). I did it for the same reasons as you, b/c my knees hurt and I don't want to ruin them. Good luck with your training!

sdcarroway said...

Let me revise my comment: what I did for the 1/2 was a program where you have set intervals of run/walk (like you do in your training) based on your running pace. So something like 2 min running 30 or 45 sec walking when you train and when you run the race. If you ever consider longer distances, look into it, b/c you can keep up your same pace and not be as hard on your body. Again, good luck!