Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Me Vs. Walmart

I just beat Walmart again.

I say again, because this is the second time this month that Walmart has tried to foil me, but I managed to come out ahead.

The first time was a couple of weeks ago over some eggs. I needed to buy some, and since the boys were in school and it wasn't a race to get everything I needed before one of them destroyed something or maimed himself, I took the time to actually consider what I was doing. They have those little "price per unit" parts on the price tags, but I don't trust those. Half the time they label comparable items differently - like one is per oz. and one is per lb, which would be helpful if I didn't have to do math to figure out how the prices really compare.
So back to it, I was buying eggs. (and I can tell you all about this because I was so proud of myself for figuring it out that I went and posted about it on my forum of friends)

I had my choice to purchase:
1 doz. eggs for $1.41
18 eggs for $2.22
30 eggs for $4.40 

Now, somewhere in my brain, I always thought that buying the economy sized whatever of anything was supposed to give you the most bang for your buck.  NOT SO, WALMART. Because I stood there pacing back in forth in front of the eggs and muttering to myself. Pixie was fine. She had crackers. I could take my time.

I figured out that 2 of the 18 count eggs is 4.44, so 4cents more but you get 6 more eggs. But 3 of the dozen eggs is 4.23, you get 36 eggs, and you save money. You do not want to know how much pacing and muttering it took me to come to this conclusion, and then I had to come home and use the calculator on the computer to make sure I did it right. My brain is not very mathy, and I was taxing its abilities, but I did it right and got more eggs for less money.

I beat Walmart!

And then today, I decided that it was time to stop walking on the treadmill in my 5 year old shoes. They are old and sad and make my feet hurt, but I haven't done anything about it because have you seen the price of running shoes when you have to buy for a wide width? And also, why is it that I wear a 6.5/7 in normal shoes, but in running shoes I have to buy an 8-8.5? Do my feet get bigger when I'm running and then shrink back down?

Anyway, I decided that I would get myself a pair of Walmart running shoes for now, and then when I reach some fitness goal I will reward myself with some nice shoes. Good goal! Non food!

Walmart had some on clearance! Yay! I paced and squinted at the boxes, trying to find some that fit me. There were a few styles on markdown. Most of them just did not feel right at all. One felt great, but there was only one shoe in the box. I put it on the floor because I didn't feel right about putting a box with only one shoe in it back on the shelf. I kept looking, and the Pixie was getting kind of worried because I'd removed one shoe and it was just sitting on the floor and you know how she is about shoes. But I found another box, with two shoes in it, tried one on, and yay!

I put it in my cart and started to walk away, but part of my brain woke up and reminded me that I was in Walmart and it didn't pay to be stupid. I stopped right there and checked BOTH shoes in the box. They were different sizes. But they were the same style as that single shoe that I had put on the floor instead of putting back on the shelf. I checked, and it was the size I needed, and the opposite shoe - I made sure to check that, too. All I need is to buy shoes on clearance and get home to discover that I have 2 right shoes and no left shoes. It all worked out, though, and I walked out of Walmart with a pair of running shoes for $15, plus some raisins, grapes, and the Pixie's iron drops, because it is a law of Walmart that you can't go in there for just one thing and manage to get out with only that thing. I think they put something in the air.

But, no matter. I still won. Twice.

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