Monday, September 20, 2010

Resolving again

Hey! I'm going to blog more. Again.
I do really well for a while, and then a whole bunch of life starts happening and I kind of forget about doing this. It's somewhat for the grandparents, somewhat for the knitting, but mostly for me, and sometimes me comes last. But right now I can say that I'm going to take it up again because the baby is in bed, Niall is in the tub, John and Rowan have gone to cub scouts, and I'm sitting here in the dim with a dog on either side of me.
Pretty good.
So a lot has been happening lately. The boys started school, Rowan is playing baseball and is joining Cub Scouts, Eleri is out of therapy but I'm still trying to get weight on the little stinker.
I've had pretty good luck improving my Corelle collection. I scored some dessert/snack plates and found a bowl.
2010 Sep 03 005 2010 Sep 03 006
That was a particularly good day for thrifting. We also scored some boots for Eleri. She adores them and puts them on every time they catch her eye. The clomping noise she can make while going down the hall is part of their charm, and the easy on and off makes them all kinds of win.
So there you go. More blogging to come. Most of it will be inane, but I need to get back in the habit of writing again and I can't think of a good story every day. I'll try to have some sort of fun for you though. At least, until life gets in my way again.


The Picture Nazi said...

Love the boots, and I'm with ya on thrifting! That's my favorite thing to do! By the way, I am now following. Love the blog!

Grumpy said...

Cool Scores.

My mum had that bowl in a set with plates that had matching dinner and sandwich plates, saucers and then she found some extra large bowls too! but we're talking years ago when I was a kid! (my sis broke half of them! LOL!)

Milli said...

Oh someone clicked like! Thank you, whoever you are, anonymous liker