Thursday, September 23, 2010

Two things that should never be near each other

I went to Ikea with a friend today. We drove down this morning, walked all over the whole store and bought many things, and then drove back home again. I'm am tired and weary, so it seems as good a time as any to tell you why I recently had to replace my toothbrush.
The Pixie still sleeps in our room. Her crib is there along the wall, right where I can see her when I am lying in bed. It works well for us, but it also makes us do some things differently when we come to bed at night. For instance, I don't go into my bedroom until I am ready to go to sleep, and I move quietly and quickly to do all that needs doing and get into my jammies so she doesn't wake up and cry at me until I come and nurse her. This means that we don't turn on the light in the bathroom. We leave the closet light on and crack the door, and that dim light is what we get for toothbrushing and toileting. Normally, this isn't a problem, but sometimes I have moments in which my brain has already gone to sleep while my body is going along with all the mechanical processes necessary to get itself there, too. That is where this comes in.
I'm sure you can spot the problem here. Two containers, roughly the same size and shape, in the mostly dark with a brain that has already turned in for the night...
I did notice that the substance on my toothbrush was more liquidy than it should have been, which made me sniff it and realize what happened before I put it in my mouth. I think that's pretty good for a body operating on autopilot. 
I moved the hair stuff back where it should have been so the mistake won't be repeated. At least until the next time I decide to try to be a grownup and use product on my hair.

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