Sunday, October 30, 2011

And Halloween Costume #3

Rowan slid into home just under the wire. Literally.


I could tell he was feeling pretty down about his costume. Every year up to now, he's figured out what he wanted to be WAY in advance. This year, he was at a loss. No suggestion was good. No idea was great. He picked being a Charlie Brown ghost, and I said fine, but since he kept changing his mind and it was a simple costume, I'd get him the stuff and he could make it.
He cut holes and was pretty happy, and drew a bunch more circles and was coloring them in so it would look like Charlie Brown's ghost costume. And then he found out he couldn't wear it to school because school says no masks. 
And then he saw me making the Pixie's costume, and Niall's costume, and you could tell he was feeling really left out. So I told him that if he could come up with something that we could put together in one day, then I would do my best to help him.
Niall had to work on a project for school, so when I put the Pixie down for her nap, I decided to take Rowan to Walmart with me while I ran some errands. We looked at the costumes, but they were pretty picked over by now, and I had no interest in paying $20 for a Mario costume. No, no, and no some more.
Then we remembered that he already had a Pedrioa jersey in his closet. So we got a long sleeved red shirt to wear under it, some socks, and a pair of baseball pants. Bingo. Instant Red Sox.

Batting stance

Rowan feels a lot better about this costume. And he feels special again. That's what I want for all of my kids every day, but especially at Halloween.
There's that smile!

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