Friday, October 07, 2011

Today, I went postal

So, last night I completely lost my nut on the boys. This past week I've been doing the seasonal clothing swap out - figure out what is outgrown - try to sell and donate things - madness.
They were quite happy to roll around and stomp on and drag out any pile of clothing they could. And they were also quite happy to ignore the two laundry baskets of clothing I put in their rooms for them to put away.

The rule is: I wash and fold it, you put it away. It's not hard. IF YOU DO IT.

So today I took it all out. All of their clothing. Well, except the socks and undies. I will probably weed through those in a bit, but since I wash them separately from all the other laundry, it can take a little bit for a load to build up, so having more of those around isn't a bad thing.

But all the rest of it? Yeah. Binned. Donated. Put in the attic.

They will have a chance to earn back some variety if they choose. If not... well, I can donate and consign what's in the bin because it's already sorted by season. Bonus.

Each boy has
6 shorts
6 t-shirts
6 long sleeved shirts
5 long pants
2 sets of pjs
1 pair of pj pants
1 pair of sneakers
1 pair of sandals
1 jacket

End of story. That is plenty to see them through. If they don't put it away, I will take it, too. If they end up doing the cartoon character have to wear the same thing every day... so be it. But THEY will be washing it if they take it that far. This mama means war.

There are 2.5 bags of clothing that is about to be too small or it's something I don't like. Those will go to goodwill.

As I was doing all of this, I was thinking about how this is such a first world problem. Even what I left them is kind of excessive. I mean, really. We are so incredibly lucky to have so much. What a problem to have... too much to wear. So much that it's difficult to keep up with. We need to "need" less.

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Grumpy said...

I so need to take a page from your postal career! LOL! I need to leave the girls with the bare minimums when they don't put their stuff away!!

Good job! So far mine end up washing their own clothes when I get sick of looking at them all over the floor!