Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Parent teacher conference - Rowan

We had Rowan's parent teacher conference today. It's always nice to go and have a teacher tell you how highly intelligent your child is. :) He does have some difficulties, mainly with recall when it comes to remembering math facts and spelling rules. He also has slight issues with fine motor skills and handwriting. His handwriting looks just like John's, so he comes by that honestly. His reading is way above grade level, and his storytelling and writing skills are very good, too. His math takes him a while because of the math fact recall issue, but he does it with precision.
We've also noticed that he does a lot better with staying on task if he stands up while writing instead of sitting down. If he's sitting at his desk, he can while away his time doing absolutely nothing if he doesn't have anyone to prod him and keep him on task. Right now, he's sitting next to one of the teachers, so he's doing great. We just need to figure out a way for him to learn to stay on task and get things done on his own.

After that mostly glowing report about the oldest boy, John took us out to lunch. The Pixie had her own cup of ice water. She definitely approves.
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