Saturday, October 22, 2011

While the boys are away...

Realistically, I know that there isn't much difference in being at home with the Pixie when the boys are at school, and being at home with the Pixie when they've gone to the cub scout camp out.
But for some reason, having them gone on a Saturday is much more productive than that whole Monday-Friday thing.
Today I've picked up the living room - no mean feat, that!
Made a sleeper for Niall's baby doll, which will be saved for his birthday.
This was way easier than it looks! I used a sleeper that Tori gave me, and instructions from here.

I also finished someone's Christmas present. 
I'm not saying who it's for, and that's the only pic you're going to get on this blog. Wonder what else I can get up to today?

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tara said...

Thank you for posting that tutorial. Now I have to figure out a way to save it for the next few years while I wait for Aeris to ask for babydoll clothes.