Friday, August 17, 2007

Future Cassanova

I wanted to write this down before I forget it.
When we were at Mom's last Sunday, Kim's friend Angel came over for a quick visit.
Rowan did his cute shy excited thing.
He was too afraid to ask her himself, so he had Mom ask her for him...

"Angel, where are your wings?"

Hee hee.

Hey, it's supposed to be 76 degrees in North Dakota today. Wanna go?


Jen said...

Awwww, you've got a future heart breaker on your hands there!

As for North Dakota, I've never been, but I'd go just about anywhere for 76 degrees right now. Road trip? :)

Jenn said...

It's nice and cool in Sweden. And Malmo Fest started yesterday... Come on over!

Andrea said...

awww that's sweet