Friday, August 03, 2007


Soooo I decided to take down all I'd knit so far on Abby's pumpkin pie (not much, but the nurse practitioner agreed that it's nearly edible it's so pretty) because the eyelet holes were too far apart and she needed to revise the measurements anyway. It's all good!
So I've cast on, but have yet to join, because seriously I might jitter myself right off this couch. I've been put on Zyrtek-D, which contains sudafed, and it must be a whack of sudafed because OMGoodness I feel weird. Shut up Drea. You know how it is.
Yes indeedy. And I'm supposed to take this stuff for the next couple of months.
Why? I have a sinus infection. Bad enough to make my lovely NP wince and say "oh dear, your nose!" I do go for the gusto you know.
So I'm sitting here trying to breathe deeply and checking to make sure my heart is not beating too fast (it's not) and generally feeling like I'm so tired yet my eyes are wiiiiide open. Loki is doing her best to weigh me to the couch.


Abby said...

Poor Milli! A sinus infection alone can make you feel loopy, and the sudafed definitely does not help. Yuck. Hopefully just the one dose will knock it out. Sometimes all it takes is drying your sinuses out, one dose, and then it's gone.

Don't rush on the longies, Decker certainly won't wear them soon. What is it, 95 degrees outside?

Sorry again about the mis-measuring.

Grumpy said...

Hugs, get better soon!

Miss T said...


Sinus infections suck, btdt.

Megan said...

Feeling any better today?

Andrea said...

I miss the drug induced chats we use to have.
I hope you're feeling better Milli!