Saturday, August 11, 2007


It's been 104 here. I'm not knitting. I'm not doing anything that requires any kind of motivation. I've been sitting on the A/C vent reading vampire books. Because vampires are cold and I would love to have one sitting right here with me making me freeze my booty off. I am still alive, just sweaty. And used to the sudafed now. My ears still feel like they're stuffed though. Fat lot of good it's doing.
Anyway, we're in SC visiting the family. Escaping the heat? Not even close. How long does it take to get to Alaska? 'Cause I'm about ready to hop in the car.


Abby said...

The worst part is, it may be colder in Alaska, but not much. The summer that my older son was born in Fairbanks, Alaska (2002), it was in the high 80s and low 90s. And there is no air conditioning in Alaska. They don't believe in it. I will take 100 outside and an air conditioned inside over being unable to escape the heat.

Sorry about the sudafed not working so much. One thing to try is dramamine's "less-drowsy" formula. It helps with that fluid stuck in your inner ears. I'd ask a nurse or someone about taking the sudafed and the dramamine at the same time though. Something about taking a stimulant and depressant at the same time doesn't sound smart to me.

Hope you're getting some of the slightly cooler air we've been getting in NC today. Tomorrow is only sposed to be 87! Score!

Grumpy said...

Agree with what abby said. There are still places in Toronto that don't have air ... (including schools!) and seriously I'd take 100s and air over 90's humidity and no-air!

Hope you feel better soon.