Thursday, August 30, 2007

Wait a minute, I'm a knitter?

Am I really?
Y'all, I have not been able to bring myself to pick up the needles regularly this month. I'm too busy whining and whinging about the hot. And I'm not kidding! Last night the weather guy made a special point (complete with baseball analogy) to tell us that this month is not only the hottest August on record... it's the hottest month EVER recorded for the Raleigh area.


And yes I know that I have people waiting on me, which is why I'm poking along a row at a time here and there on my knitting, and have been generous with my time estimates for myself because I know how slack I'm being.

Never fear... I will be stuck in a car for hours this weekend as we drive to Gatlinburg for a family reunion. Hours. On I-40. I'll be knitting with the a/c vent aimed at my face.

So what have I been doing instead of knitting? Getting Rowan ready for school took some time. Sitting at the pool talking about how hot it is. Running on the treadmill thinking that I have to be insane to do something that causes that much sweating when it's hot out. Hiding from the laundry and various household tasks - that one isn't working out too well. Hiding from Niall and his screamy self - ya, that one isn't going over so well either.

It can't last forever, right?

Abby, I agree... it's all about the humidity. And I'm glad you're patient about your britches. Though you'd be even more demented than I am if you actually wanted to use them on a day like today.

Rachel, so glad you aren't leaving for the big city. Can't wait to see the new place!

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Abby said...

You're leaving? This weekend? When it will actually be LESS than 90 for two days in a row (supposedly, although I have little faith in mister Greg Fishel)? It has been so hot that I have been walking DS #1 to school with DS #2 in our kelty backpack in nothing but a snappi'ed prefold. No cover, no shirt, no nothin', like a hillbilly. I can understand your lack of enthusiasm for wool in this weather. I did, however, find him a cute t-shirt to match the longies when you finish them. It is brown, it has a turkey, and it says "Little turkey".

And, yes, you are certifiably insane for even thinking about jogging. Seriously. Whatever happened to cooling down with a quart of cold stone?