Monday, February 23, 2009

Eleri reflux update

I was really hoping to be able to do a dairy trial soon, but no such luck.
Over the past couple of weeks our baby has been getting fussier again, and is gurgly again, and anointed our bed (and me) again. So, off to the ped!
She's now 13 lbs 4.5 oz. A far cry from the 21lb 4 month old that Niall was! *whew*
Ped agrees that her reflux is not being managed well with the zantac, so we added a new med. I have to call them back and find out if this med is supposed to be in addition to the zantac, or instead of the zantac. I forgot to clarify that. And the pharmacy didn't have the order when I hit the drive thru on the way home, so I need to make sure it actually got sent over there, too.
But we shall see. She has her 4 month well baby check next week, so now is the perfect time to try it out because we'll already be there to follow up.
And no dairy for me. At least I'm used to it. I still hate it, but I'm used to it. Tonight we're having enchiladas without cheese. Some day I'll get cheese again. I just have to look at her little face and remind myself that it's all worth it. Every little bit.
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Grumpy said...

Seriously if this is going to be a long term problem for her... you might look into the "Uncheese" recipe book.