Friday, February 20, 2009

a pox on gauge

I had to rip out the second leg of Jessica's britches. The ones with the 12" inseam.
Because I didn't notice that I knit the whole thing with the wrong size needle.
The whole. durn. thing.
icon_reaction.gif picture by sweetteasoakers
Now I am way behind.


Fannie said...

Well, ya dummy! I have started an Aran sweater in natural white and I did the whole first pattern lower back totally wrong...I just left it there as another pattern! Ha!

Milli said...

See, I was tempted to just pull back enough to make the length good, but the yarn striped the legs and they looked comletely different, and this one is for sale so... bah.

The Short Stack Librarian said...

No worries!! I hope your waiting list is filling up but not so much you feel stressed!