Friday, February 27, 2009

Rowan Dynamite!

Yes, I am aware that I didn't write yesterday. It will happen.

Today marks the begining of "Friday Flicks." Check back on Fridays for new videos of the kids doing something cute.
Have a good weekend!


Britta said...

H HA HA he's so cute! I love how Niall opens the door even though John (I assume it's John) tells him not to! Kids.

Rowan should be on "So you think you can dance". He would be ADORABLE!!!!

I love how Loki sits there at the end like ... ummm ... what's all this then!

- Britta

Fannie said...

Tell Rowan that we love his dancing!

Spring said...

Too darn cute! How many times has he seen the movie?

Milli said...

That was actually the first time he saw the movie. We watched the dance scene and asked him if he thought he could do that. He said, "sure!" so we backed it up and played the scene again. Pretty good for a first timer!