Wednesday, February 25, 2009

TMI Science Fair

So you probably aren't all that concerned about my body odor, unless you are John who has to share living space with me, and even then he didn't say anything. But it's actually pretty hard to come up with something to write about every day, so here. In the spirit of the science fair...

Introduction: I was walking around like a schtank bomb, applying D.O. at least twice a day and STILL smelling myself. It was possibly post partum hormones, but ew! So I did some research.

Hypothesis: It may be hormonal, but DANG! Something has to help. Vinegar seems to clean everything. Why not give it a whirl?

Materials and Methods: Purchase 1 bottle of apple cider vinegar for 97 cents. Apply liberally to stanky body parts. Walk around smelling like salad for 15 minutes. Shower. Repeat vinegar pretreatment for every shower.

Results: I have experienced a marked decrease in foulness. I can now apply deodorant in the morning like a normal person, and not need to rush back and put more on when my nose gets too close to my pits.

Discussion: It's completely worth the 97 cents. I'm sure Eleri appreciates the odor decrease as well, since she hangs out in the general vicinity of my mid-body region most of the time. Vinegar really is magical. It can fix anything!


Grumpy said...

Actually I believe it is postpartum nursing hormones. I had similar problems after M and S. But not with H - could that be because
a) i wasn't sitting with hot baby on my lap, nursing
b) pumping doesn't have the same effect.

Either way I'll have to remember the apple cider vinegar... FWIW it is also awesome for relieving itchies in late pregnancy when no creams work! (who knew!)

Good Remedy said...

That is the funniest science experiment EVER! Is there anyway to forward this note and not offend people?

"Hey, thought you'd like to read this....." :-)

Milli said...

Are you saying that you know some stanky people? LOL