Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Proof they love each other

We've been having bed time issues for a while now. They are boys. Sleeping is lame. It's more fun to jump off the bunk bed and fight and yell and carry on.
Last night, I had a plan. IF Rowan was trying to go to sleep and Niall was pestering, I was going to let Rowan lie down in our bed to fall asleep there. We could move him later.
It would be easier to move Niall, since he's on the bottom bunk, but Niall is not to be trusted in our room.
BUT, last night, Rowan was part of the problem. So John threatened. It didn't work. (It never does.) Then I went back there. I made Rowan go into the playroom. He got to have his pillow and blanket and he had to lay on the floor. (Again, can't make Niall go in the playroom. He'd just turn on the lights and start playing unless I sat right there with him. I have no desire to do this by the end of the day.)

How to prove they love each other
1. Separate fighting children
2. Forbid them from being near each other
3. Ignore the small noises you hear from them trying to sneak to be together. (If they think they have to be quiet to get away with something, they are extra quiet.)



Drea said...

That's adorable!
Alexa sleeps with my nursing pillow too.

Milli said...

Yes they each get their own pillow and get to keep it. I need to either make Rowan a new one or repair his old one. It got torn. :(

Tara said...

This picture makes me sleepy...

Spring said...

That is too adorable. :)

Fannie said...

Nothing like a common enemy to forge the peace. ha! Great example.