Friday, March 06, 2009

So... MOTY moment

Some days you just chase your tail.

Yesterday was Eleri's well visit for 4 months old. She's doing great! 13lbs 9oz, growing, thriving, prevacid is working, yay yay yay.
Niall woke up with a puffy eye. So, when I got to the doc's office I asked them if we could piggyback a check on him with our visit. Yes. So score for us!
We didn't know if he had something in there, or if he was trying to get pink eye, or what... so Dr. A put some contrast stuff in there and shined a black light in his eye to see.
Are you picturing this? Imagine how easy it was to get him to cooperate. Just imagine.

So is it any wonder that I forgot that it was early release day at school?

I got a call at about 12:20, "Mrs. D, did you forget that it's early release day? I have Rowan waiting for you in the office." D'oh!
I tore around, getting Niall up from his nap (he hadn't gone to sleep yet), getting Eleri out of her swing (she was very asleep and didn't enjoy the waking), slamming the door, buckling in carseats, getting my keys caught in the carseat buckles...
School is only about 1.5 miles away... but still... I forgot my KID.

Rowan was sitting there on the floor of the office, with the 3 other children who were also waiting for forgetful parents. He thought it was funny. The office staff were very understanding. Eleri's hair glossed over any disapproval. Rowan told me that maybe I needed more coffee.

So ya. Some days I don't blog. And now you know why.
Oh, and Niall's eye? nothing was in it. We have drops because he thought it was the beginning of pink eye. I get to put them in BOTH eyes, 3 times a day. JOY.


Patton's With Passion said...

Don't forget breastmilk for pinkeye, it doesn't burn like the drops ;)

Fannie said...

Great story, Milli. I was right there with you while reading it.