Thursday, March 19, 2009

Welcome to the office Ms. Pixie

We're so pleased to have you on our team. Here is your desk.
eloffice3.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers
I expect it will meet your needs perfectly. It's the same one your brothers used when they worked for us. How are they doing these days? Good? I'm so glad to hear it!
eloffice2.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers
I'm sure you're anxious to get to work, so I'll get out of your way. Remember to look over the memo. We have a new cover sheet for the TPS reports.
eloffice1.jpg picture by sweetteasoakers
You're a little young to be joining our team, but you seem to be enjoying the office environment. You'll be working on a limited basis until you learn the ropes. We'll decide further on your performance review next month.


Fannie said...

Oh, I know how she must be pointing her lips and stiffening her arms toward this challenge! Glad she's joined the team!

Kelly said...

She is getting so big. And she is so cute!!! We have the same "desk" and my boys were quite the little workers at it. I am sure her next review will go wonderful!