Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Finite Incantatem

I managed to knit a bit while reading book number 6, but once I got to book 7...
Well, you know how it is. I couldn't knit while clutching the book in one hand and my tissues in the other. And I couldn't not read. No no no, that wasn't even an option.

So here I am. Mentally exhausted yet elated. I will not spoil. I probably need good cry over it (yes I get too emotionally attached to people who techinically don't exist) and then on with things. The floor needs mopping and Deanna's britches are woefully behind schedule. But right now... I think I'll sit here, drink my coffee, and just rest.


Jen said...

I second the box of tissues.

The death that really got to me was the one where the grave was manually dug (hopefully that's not too much of a spoiler for those who haven't read it). *sniffle*

All in all it was really good, though. Now we can all return to or regularly-scheduled lives (and knitting).

Milli said...

Yes that one really got to me as well.

I'm so happy with how it was done though. I'll reread it when I've had a chance to digest and keep out of wizard related things for a while.

Or maybe I'll just have to make myself a Weasley sweater.

Megan said...

That death got me too, I sniffled into my tissue for quite a while :) I'm also upset at the other "main character" JKR chose to knock off. Was one of my favorites!

Megan said...

Milli, I'm totally making Gabe a Weasley sweater for school. Let me know when you start yours, we could have a knitalong!

Tara said...

It's a good thing you put your knitting on hold...you might have looked down and realized that you were actually knitting hats for the house elves. Speaking of house elves, one of my favorite parts in the book was when the house elves come out wielding knives and cleavers. Great imagery.